Avoid Oral Cancer – Don’t Smoke

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At this point, everyone in the world knows that smoking is incredibly bad for your health. You’ll live fewer years, develop lung and breathing issues, and even types of throat cancer that can take away your ability to talk.

Smoking does more than that, though. One of the aspects of smoking that’s often overlooked is the role it plays in causing oral cancer. We know it’s hard to quit smoking; hopefully, some of the information we present today can help you make the choice to stop.

What types of cancer?
If there’s any type of cancerous growth in your mouth, it qualifies as oral cancer. A dentists treats oral cancer, though they’ll work in conjunction with your oncologist.

Dr. Greg Ortman has seen many different types of oral cancer. While they may all differ in exactly what they do, they all have harsh lifelong side effects.

What does it cause?
Usually, oral cancer isn’t fatal. That’s because it’s easier to spot and treat early than other forms of cancer. It is still really dangerous, though. If oral cancer starts in your gums, it can eat away at that tissue, killing your teeth along with it. Then, you’re left with nothing but an infected mouth.

And where will all that infection travel? You’re right – everywhere else in your body.

Even if you don’t smoke, you can still get oral cancer. Luckily, every appointment here at Ortman Family Dentistry in Lafayette, Indiana, includes an oral cancer screening. We don’t always catch everything, but a screening is just one step in ensuring your oral health is up to snuff.

Of course, the best thing you can do to avoid oral cancer is to avoid smoking tobacco at all. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 765-447-0322.