Fluoride Can Help Strengthen Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel plays an important role in giving your teeth the necessary hardness to process the foods you eat, while also helping to protect the sensitive core structures within. When tooth enamel is gradually demineralized by poor oral hygiene habits, and acidic beverages it can lead to issues with tooth decay and increasing tooth sensitivity. As tooth enamel demineralized... read more »

Enamel Erosion Caused by an Eating Disorder May Require Increased Fluoride Exposure

If you’ve struggled with an eating disorder or a period of significant malnutrition it can affect your body in a variety of ways. This could include weakening the mineral density of your tooth enamel. Complications from enamel erosion might include multiple teeth with cavities and problems with tooth sensitivity. In a situation like this, you should strongly consider scheduling a... read more »