Teenage Dentistry and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

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The key to success with your oral health as a teen includes overcoming oral health obstacles that arise. Not only are teens faced with an assortment of new teeth growing in, potentially incorrectly, but there are numerous pressures and risks to your oral health that most teens will have to face as well, including increased risks for oral accidents and injuries.

Teens often are at an increased risk for oral accidents and injuries brought on by contact sports and similar high-risk events and activities. Even though not all sports can be detrimental to a person’s oral health, it is important to always wear all safety gear and equipment required to protect your smile, including mouth guards, helmets, and face masks.

Another one of the principal risks facing teens is via peer pressure. Teens are often highly critical and emotional of each other and what your friends may say or think about you reaches its critical mass during the teen years. However, many habits that teens partake in can seriously damage their smile. Unhealthy habits such as obscene amounts of mouth jewelry, drugs, and tobacco can all wreck a teen’s smile before it ever has a chance to flourish.

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