Toothache Treatments

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When a toothache strikes, it can put a damper on the best of days. Toothaches can happen at any time and anywhere and hit when you least expect them too. That is why our dentist, Dr. Greg Ortman in Lafayette, Indiana, is happy to share some information about toothaches with you, so you can have relief until you are able to come into the dentist.

A toothache is a severe condition and oftentimes a warning that something is wrong. When a toothache is happening, the first thing to do is to stay calm. You can try some over-the-counter treatments of pain relief to help you throughout your day. Another thing you can do is to try an ice pack to numb the pain. For some people, a heat compress can also help with pain. However, remember to only apply the ice or heat for a few minutes at a time.

When you have a toothache, it is essential to make sure you are maintaining good dental hygiene. Flossing, for example, might solve your aching tooth problem if a seed or food-particle is stuck between your teeth and gums. Remember to keep the area of your aching tooth clean, so it can cause relief from the pain and promote the process of healing.

We hope these tips help you with your toothache and encourage you to seed professional help as soon as you can to find the source of your toothache. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 765-447-0322 today. Our dental team at Ortman Family Dentistry is happy to assist you with your oral health concerns.