Toothpaste With Potassium Nitrate Might Provide Short-Term Relief for Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity is an unfortunately common complaint with many adults. It is often associated with discomfort or a stinging sensation when consuming certain foods and beverages. In the long term it can force the individual to limit their choices which could also impact their overall quality of life.

Keenly aware of these problems some oral hygiene product manufacturers offer toothpastes that have been specially formulated to minimize symptoms of tooth sensitivity. Most competitive brands use trace amounts of potassium nitrate to soften the sensation in the teeth.

Our dentist notes that while these tooth sensitivity kinds of toothpaste may work in the short-term, they are still not considered an effective long-term treatment for the underlying cause. If you have been struggling to deal with tooth sensitivity symptoms, you need to have Dr. Greg Ortman examine your teeth to determine the root cause, before more serious complications arise.

If he suspects that your discomfort is linked to demineralized tooth enamel, or tooth enamel erosion, our dentist may advocate a treatment strategy designed to increase fluoride exposure to your teeth.

A quick fluoride treatment along with a prescription for fluoride supplements, is often a good first step toward bolstering the strength of your teeth. It can also have the added benefit of helping with cavity prevention.

Where it’s warranted Dr. Greg Ortman might also provide you with simple tips and insights to help maximize your oral hygiene routine. Your dental checkups at Ortman Family Dentistry will further help to monitor the strength of your teeth and address any other dental health issues.

If you have been struggling to deal with tooth sensitivity symptoms, you should call 765-447-0322 to schedule a dental checkup at Dr. Greg Ortman’s dentist office in Lafayette, Indiana.