What Can CEREC Offer Your Smile?

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If you have found yourself needing to improve the quality of a damaged tooth with a dental restoration, Ortman Family Dentistry invites you to enjoy the benefits of CEREC technology. CEREC is a same-day treatment that treats damaged teeth in a single visit with beautiful, customized restorations made with the highest quality. We invite you to learn more about CEREC technology and how you can benefit from a CEREC dental crown or filling.

Unlike traditional dentistry, CEREC technology can provide custom-made restorations without delay. Most restorations require weeks before they are ready, and you often need to wear an ill-fitted temporary crown while you wait. With CEREC technology, our dental team can mill your permanent crown right at our office and then place it in your smile–all in just one visit, with no need for a temporary crown.

If you have a mild to moderate cavity or cracked tooth, CEREC technology can also provide a same-day dental filling. Fillings created from this amazing technology are known to eradicate tooth decay from your smile and promote excellent oral health. Our team would be happy to custom shade a ceramic dental filling that matches the color of your smile, as well as offers greater durability than most traditional composite fillings.

If you would like to speak with our dentist. Dr. Greg Ortman, about the uses of CEREC technology in Lafayette, Indiana, contact Ortman Family Dentistry at 765-447-0322 today for an appointment!