Your Routine Dental Cleaning & Exam

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Dr. Greg Ortman and our team stress the importance of scheduling a dental cleaning in Lafayette, Indiana, every six months. Even if you brush and floss perfectly, professional cleanings are needed so that tartar buildup can be removed and so that our dentist can detect any dental issues early on. We have found that our patients feel more at ease if they know what to expect when they visit Ortman Family Dentistry. Because of this, we are more than happy to tell you about dental cleanings and exams.

Dental Cleaning

Our hygienist will use a special metal tool to scrape built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth and from below the gum line. Our hygienist will then polish and floss each tooth.  

Dental Examination

Dr. Greg Ortman will then thoroughly examine each of your teeth and your gums and mouth meticulously. Signs of gum disease, decay, and other issues will be sought out. Our dentist’s goal is to help you maintain your oral health. This includes detecting and treating any dental issues as soon as possible.

Dental X-Rays

Depending on your age, your dental health, and any issues detected, our dentist may recommend that you have dental X-rays taken. These X-rays can detect issues that may have otherwise been unspotted.

For more information and to schedule your visit with our dental office, we welcome you to call our dental office at 765-447-0322 today.